Monday, July 26, 2010

My foreshadowing of disarray was accurate

Well, another weekend over too quickly!

Now, honestly, the whole Friday post about my plans in disarray really did throw my Saturday into chaos and made for a very stressful morning and mid-day.

But to start from the beginning, I arrived home on Friday night to the most delicious aroma of beef stroganoff in the slow-cooker - yum! Side note, I would love to try the Masterchef beef strog on parsley fettucine I think it is.

S had picked up a bottle of red so we took time to sit out on our deck and enjoy watching the water while debriefing our day and week before dinner.

We had a very quiet night and enjoyed eating dinner while S watched the Titans vs Dragons (still cant believe they won in golden point) and I read HP & the GoF - its coded so those who aren't fans cant judge me ha ha.
Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for my BM dress appointment with my little sis, K. This appointment was almost a disaster! We arrived to find a very harrassed lady rather than the store proprietor. We explained who we were and she confirmed the usual lady was away but she had details of our 9am appointment confirmed. She then went to look for our dresses... looked everywhere but ... no dresses to be found. Eventually she deduced that the dresses must be with the other girl who was supposed to be there also but hadnt arrived yet. Our dresses eventually arrived at 9:30am and my sister almost had a heart attack. They are appeared different to the colours she had pictured and looked quite a sight as they weren't finished in any way (raw hems, no zips etc). They are custom made dresses so need to be pinned to each of us to ensure they fit perfectly.

Thankfully once they were pinned to us, my sister was looking much happier with the overall effect and colours (there are 4 BMs and 2 are wearing pale lilac & 2 are wearing a darker deeper lilac shade - think Khloe Kardashian). I must say, the colours complented each other beautifully and the seamstress working with us had exacting attention to detail.

From the fitting (which took almost an hour for just 2 of us), I raced to work and just made it by 10:30am to start my shift. Sadly I missed out on brekky :(

Work was quiet so I just answered phones and chatted with some of our sales team and it was 12:30pm before I knew it. But here is where things started to go wrong.

Young BM, M was supposed to be dropped to my house after her fitting to hang out with S till I got home so we could drop her back to Tweed. Instead, S wasnt home so she had to go to my sister's house to wait till I finished. Then on my way home from work, S calls and says his phone is about to go flat but he is at the carwash waiting to have the car detailed then his phone dies. I am fuming! I have plans to meet C down at Tweed at 1/1:30pm after I drop M off (M is C's little sister) but instead, I now have to wait for S to get home (and who knows when that will be) because he is going fishing with L before driving 15 mins out of the way to pick up M before we can go to Tweed.

S didnt get home till 2pm so I had almost an hour and a half to fume - I was not a happier camper!

Finally we were on our way to pick up M and meet C & L. They were ready to leave when we arrived and the boys dropped C and I off at the Coolangatta Hotel (apparently one of the worst and most dangerous in Australia). Personally I think this is a bit of an exageration then again I havent been there on a Saturday night late. It was actually pretty tame with lots of oldies and quite a few bogans so we selected bar seats looking out to the ocean and spent a relaxing 2 hours gossiping over a few drinks.

They boys picked us up around 5:30pm and we all headed home for a quiet night in where the boys played FIFA on the playstation until we convinced them to join us for a game of Taboo. C & I love this game and do very well as a team because we have such a long history and know each other so well. S & I are also very good at this game (we havent lost yet) because we seem to be very much on the same wavelength.

On a side note, did you know that Crust is on the Gold Coast now? I had heard about them on the Vogue forums and was disappointed to discover they were only in NSW. They recently opened at Coolangatta and Surfers Paradise so we had Crust for dinner! Yummy Philly Cheesesteak, Mexican & a White Prosciutto - all very delicious.

Sunday update to come.

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