Thursday, July 22, 2010

Market Shopping

S & I have been eating the most delicious dinners over the past fortnight and I attribute that to my Saturday morning Farmers’ Market shopping.

Here is a sample of a few of this week’s meals:

Sun – BLTs on market Panini’s with organic vine tomatoes & rocket

Mon – homemade Napoli sauce over fresh maccheroni pasta (from the Italian man at the markets) with a side of homemade garlic bread fashioned from a Pane di Casa stick
Tues – homemade super thin Italian pepperoni pizza (again from the Italian man) cooked on the BBQ with a side of rocket, red capsicum & cherry toms plus garlic bread as above

Wed – chicken breast kievs with blanched brocolini and tea tree honey (from the bee man) roasted dutch carrots & kipflers sprinkled with dukkah

Fri – will be a slow cooked stroganoff with fresh linguini

I just cant NOT cook delicious food with such perfect produce at my fingertips.

Market shopping has inspired my previously dull and repetitive winter cooking (think slow cooked beef casseroles or chicken curries or roast every night) with fresh and tasty food that S and I cant get enough of!


  1. which market are you talking about? I used to go to the FM at Marina Mirage, but got disenchanted with it when MM was undergoing renos and they moved the FM next door. It's never been the same since, so I'd be interested to know where you go.

  2. These ones are at the Palm Beach Currumbin school just before the big bridge heading South bound on the GC Hwy after Palm Beach. They are every Saturday from I think 7am till 11am. Get yourself there, they are fantastic! Plus, great place to meet friends as they have a sort cafe type seating area with different live entertainment each weekend so you can enjoy coffee and brekky before or after your shop. Hope you enjoy these ones as much as I do - I might see you there :)