Monday, July 26, 2010

The Great Debate?

What are your thoughts on last night's so called 'Debate'?

Me? I'm going to have side with Laurie Oakes and the 60 minutes guy who last night summed it up as a press conference, not a debate.

It struck me as amazing how one channel 7 commentator (the CEO of a research company) offered up that it was possibly the best most articulate and informative debate Australia has ever seen whereas channel 9 commentators scoffed at the liberal use of 'debate' stating it was not an interactive and representational argument.

That said, I liked Tony Abbott's responses to most topics and felt that he outperformed Julia Gillard. I also saw the new ad last night for the Libs new 'Action Contract' - We will do the right thing. 1. End wasteful spending 2. Pay back Labor's debt 3. Stop Labor's new taxes 4. Stop the boats. Hopefully this is something that will reach out to the voters.

I read in The Australian 'Despite the gloss, Julia Gillard is just another phony' while the Courier Mail had 'Being the same but different just wont wash for long'.

Given there was a lot of election coverage around, I also enjoyed an editorial in one of the newspapers this weekend likening the PM candidates to Masterchef and cookbooks. Tony's book would be called 'Meat & Two Veg' while Julia's would be 'First, take a sharp knife'. Ha Ha Ha

Everyone who has read this blog knows I am a liberal supporter although a little unsure of Tony Abbott as leader however I read a great statement I could identify with, 'Supporting the liberal party is like supporting a team with a poor coach. You know they can do it, they have the stars on paper and they've got a history of success but maybe they would have a better chance if they were led by a different person". Felt this was very accurate in summing up my opinion.

Anyway, like all good troops, I will still offer Abbott my support as party leader and will be out there campaigning on election day for our local member Steve Ciobo because I believe in the party and am liking Abbott more and more.

Who will you be voting for and do you feel passionately enough about a party to offer your support by campaigning between now and election day?

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