Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gillard for PM - no vote from me!

Seriously, if our current political polls are to be believed then I am very frightened for our future.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia? The thought fills me with dread.

Okay, so I know she is already our PM but to win the next election is more my concern given the current status quo cant be altered at this time.

I have always been a vocal Liberal and John Howard supporter and when things looked shaky during the last election, I put my money where my mouth is and joined the Liberal party.

I became an active campaigner in the months proceeding and right up to election day, throwing my time and support behind Johnny and the team.

This was also around the time S and I met and I doubt he will ever forget a serious question I asked him on our first date. I also informed him that the wrong answer would result in no second date. Who was he voting for. He looked at me stunned then told me I couldn't be serious. I told him I was and wanted an honest answer. He told me he would be voting Howard.

After all that, turns out he couldn't and cant vote anyway. I didn't know then but he's not an Australian citizen but he didn't tell me this till after the election. Since his admission, he no longer gets to comment on or complain about Australian politics. That's right people, cause he's not Australian.

Anyway, back to the point. My local Liberal MP successfully won his seat last election and will once again be hard to beat this year but I'm hoping we can win a majority Australia vote, not just the local population.

While it is exciting to see a female Prime Minister, I just can't see our economy or nation flourishing under her hand. I distrust her and the people that put her in power because of the way she became PM.

I am well aware that we vote for parties not people however the Australian majority believes they vote for people not parties due to the way it is manipulated and I feel that those people have been betrayed for their trust in Labour.

I also feel it speaks a lot for Gillard's character that she went along with such a humiliating ousting of someone she proclaimed to support 100%. She had been quoted even recently that she had no desire to take over from Rudd and would definitely not move for a leadership coup. How are we supposed to trust her to run our country when she has went ahead with a coup?

I think the way Julia Gillard took leadership of our country shows her class or lack there of and although I am know Rudd fan, I am disappointed of how he was treated and feel he deserved more respect considering he was our nation's PM.

I am well aware there have been many leadership coups in the Liberal party but none to a leader whilst in office and none quite so humiliating. As usual, Labour never fails to disgust me.

If we want to get Australia back on track, I think our only choice ahead is Liberal.


  1. Back on track with Abbott as PM? It'll never happen!

  2. Thanks for your comment Sarah. While Abbott is not an ideal choice for me, the party is.