Friday, July 23, 2010


My weekend plans are in disarray, what a disaster!

If there is one thing I hate, its my plans being disrupted by last minute things.

In this case, my (truly wonderful) boss has decided he needs somone to cover the front desk as our usual Saturday girl is on holidays. This had previously been discussed at length and it was decided covering the front desk for 2 Saturday mornings was not worthwhile as it has been very quiet of late. Today (that's right people, Friday mid morning), the boss decided it would be a good idea for one of the admin staff to come in for the morning. Now that's all well and good but of course, everyone has plans already ... including me!

Now, I am not going to be very popular with my sister if I am unable to make our first BM dress fitting plus she and I had planned a catchup breakfast following the fitting ay one of our favourite little cafes, Barchino (best brekky bruschetta ever).

I am also not going to be very popular with my boss if the front desk isn't covered either and I will feel bad that he is unhappy because he really is a very wonderful boss.

Oh the drama!

Our senior Sales Administrator has kindly offered to do a split shift with me of two hours each (she will do 8:30-10:30 and I do 10:30-12:30).

This is a compromise because sadly, I will miss brekky if I have to do this plus I have also offered to transport the junior BM tomorrow as she lives in Tweed and is licenseless therefore she will have to hang around Broadbeach for 2 hours while I work.

This also throws out my plans to go invitation browsing with S as by the time I finish work and drop junior BM home, the store will have closed (early 2pm finushes on a Saturday and no Sunday trade).

Its like a chain reaction really, one little alteration messes up everything! I really do hate last minute interuptions to my schedule.

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