Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Culling the Wardrobe

I get so excited at the thought of going through my clothes and culling to make more room for pretty new things but in reality, I am a borderline hoarder of clothes and just can’t face parting with something even if it has never been worn but was bought 3 years ago.
I have a lot of clothes. So many in fact that I had to shift S’ out of our bedroom as it just wasn’t possible to share the walk in robe and two tall boys with him but this in fact is just as much his fault as mine.
S owns more clothes (and shoes) than any guy I know so we are a much happier couple now that he has his own wall of storage separate to mine.
Unfortunately mine really does need a genuine cull – there are boxes under the bed, a walk in robe piled high from floor to ceiling and the tall boy drawers barely close.
I did well only a few months earlier and disposed of some 6 Kookai singlets (because I still have at least 30), a Cue skirt, a Bonds hoody, a bag of shoes and some other random items then followed this up just last week with 2 more Cue skirts, a cape, a Herringbone shirt and a Cue vest but there are just so many more items that should go, I just can’t bring myself to sell them for fear of remorse.
Tonight however I am going to take inspiration from the Vogue forums and get stuck in to decluttering. I will have S be my ruthless partner in crime for fear of failure if I attempt this mission alone. Wish me luck!

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