Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bad Luck

I have the absolute worst luck with cameras - I'm cursed I tell you!

I had a wonderful little Canon that travelled around the US with me several years ago. It managed to survive the subzero temperatures of LA, San Fran, Vegas and even a few days in New York before succumbing to a drunk friend who assured me he could take better pics than me.

Sadly, the incident occured on New Years Eve at Planet Holloywood Times Square meaning many photos opportunities were denied that evening :(

Flash forward to Easter this year and a functional little Pentax was doing me quite nicely until a long weekend camping in Byron Bay led to drinks at the Beach Hotel on a Sunday afternoon.

Again, one of the rowdier boys in our group assured me he knew best and snatched the camera from me. I returned from the bar to discover my poor little camera had been dropped and was no longer operational (the lens would no longer pop out when switched on).

Many photo ops have been missed since Easter and I have been relying on my trusty iphone to snap the Kodak moments but lets face it, the quality just isn't there.

Anyways, the camera Gods have been listening and have answered my prayers.

Myer has a red Canon Ixus on sale for members for a low price of $179. Understandably I have packed S off to inspect and instructed him not to return without a camera!

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