Monday, July 26, 2010

Another perfect Sunday

Sunday is truly my favourite and my most hated day of the week!
I love it because it's always a day we spend catching up with friends and relaxing but I hate it because it is much too close to Monday.

Our Sunday started on a high note - we stayed at C & L's in Tweed so waking up meant seeing baby S first thing and a relaxing morning with friends complemented by our favourite lifestyle brekky (fresh crusty bread, poached eggs, tasty cheese, avocado, crispy bacon & tomatoes).

We spent most of the morning playing with baby S in the backyard before heading back up the Coast home.

Side note, I am so excited for the 12th August as C & L will move back up the Coast and right around the corner from us in Mermaid Waters. They owned in Broadbeach Waters and recently sold so have been staying down Tweed way with family. Its been more difficult than usual for us to catch up with them being such a distance away so it will be nice to have them within walking distance.

We got home and unfortunately had to get caught up on housework (you know, exciting stuff like washing, folding clothes, stripping beds, dishes, vacuuming and general tidy).

S then had a call from his friend (also named S) suggesting a late afternoon catchup at our house with him, his wife B and their little boy M along with another couple who are good friends.

We agreed that sounded like fun and considering the so far lovely day, headed down to the Broadwater to enjoy a beer by the waterfront at The Grand Hotel before picking up some fresh green prawns and squid from Charis Seafoods.

Charis is a Gold Coast institution for fresh seafood and fish and chips and we were not disappointed. The place was full of people and the variety was amazing. (the photo below is not accurate for the number of people there as this is an old pic)

Upon arriving home, poor S had to remove the heads and de-vein a kilo of prawns while I scored, cut and seasoned the squid. Once S was done, I tossed the prawns in some hot chilli sauce, olive oil, lemon juice & italian parsley.

Everyone arrived and we enjoyed a casual afternoon catching up over a drink. My bestie M even called in to see everyone and celebrate the news that one of the wives (N) is preganant again. So exciting as they already have a 1 year old who was a miracle and didnt think they would conceive again so we are all very thrilled for them - they are wonderful parents!

We cooked the seafood on the BBQ which was a huge hit (apparently restaurant quality which I found very complimentary as I have only just started eating seafood in the past 2 months and this was my first attempt at flavouring and cooking it).

S and I had the house back to ourselves around 7pm so we settled in with minestrone soup and sourdough toast to watch the Masterchef finale.

I tell you people, I really would have enjoyed one of those Guava Snow Eggs for my dessert!

I was sad for Callum as I really wanted him to win but happy for Adam, especially with his little speech about always getting second which made me sad.

Does anyone know how much a Snow Egg at Quay would cost? My boss and I think it would be pretty pricier given the time and detail that goes into one.

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