Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 months and counting...

Till my wedding! OMG, I'm going to be a wife in less than 240 days!

I don't think I have considered this fact seriously until just last week when S asked me if I had been practising a new signature.

Now, we had always discussed and I had happily agreed to take his name for a few reasons including that a) I am traditional in this sense, b)I would prefer my children and I to have the same last name without hyphens, c) S is the last male of his family line and so the list goes on but honestly, the reality of the name change is hitting me hard as is the term 'wife' as we get closer to the big date.

A wife conjures all types of images in my overactive imagination and hits me with the sharp fact that I will officially be a grown-up with no escape - I will be bound by the responsibilities and expectations of an adult more so than ever before with our plan for 'mother' to follow not too long after 'wife'.

Since it was brought to my attention, the new signature is now also causing me enormous stress, it took me long enough to figure out and use the one of have now without making this harder and adding an extra 5 letters to the 4 I have including 6 that I have never even used in my name.

I calm myself from all these stresses by reminding myself how excited I am to share my future with S and of course, how much I am looking forward to our wedding day and honeymoon to Japan.

I am assuming of course that these concerns/stresses are perfectly normal and will fade before too long.

On a funny note, I am not the only one suffering wedding stresses. M at work is due to get married in September and is already having nightmares of not being able to find the shirt that matches his suit and showing up in the wrong thing. I thought only brides had the dream stress the thing but maybe grooms just dont talk about it.

ps. the pic below is of the marquee where we are having our wedding- its all lit up right on the edge of the lagoon.

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