Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh No

Look at my breakfast lunch & dinner for today:

So last night after a super hot dinner (the boy surprised me and cooked a yummy beef Vindaloo), I came down with a sore throat that had been nagging all day, puff watery eyes, sore head and congested sinuses.

This morning I feel even worse than I did last night plus tired because the inability to breathe kept me awake but I am at work soldiering on as I will be off Friday & Monday so am already behind the 8 ball workload wise.

Now my main problem with being sick (apart from feeling like rubbish) is that I am going to Melbourne this weekend! Talk about timing! This is just not convenient and there is nothing worse than being on a plane with a cold and congested sinuses.

I will be consuming my butter menthols, lemsips and cold & flu to the limits in the hope of shaking this cold quick smart.

Wish me luck (please).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre-show dinner question

As mentioned in my last post, I am off to Melbourne on Saturday to see Mary Poppins with my sis, littlest bro & mother.

We are staying at Crown and the show is on Saturday night at Her Majesty's Theatre 8pm. I think we get in early to mid morning and after checking in, will be off to shop and explore the City as little bro J has never been to Melbourne.

We are just trying to figure out where best to head for dinner as it will have to be fairly early given the show starts at 8pm and it will also have to be reasonably close to the theatre. We love Italian food and I was hoping to get to Lygon St but not sure if this will be too out of the way - does anyone have any dining recommendations for us?

Just a spoonful of sugar ...

My mother, sis (K), littlest brother J and I are all off to Melbourne on Saturday for the Mary Poppins musical. We cannot wait!

Mary Poppins is amongst our all time favourite movies as and we were brought up on all the Julie Andrews classics. Indeed, I think we used to alternate between Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music everyday in the school holidays although K used to push the limit and I think the record was TSoM 3 times in one day.

I was lucky enough to see Mary Poppins on Broadway when holidaying in the States and came back raving about it to my family. Its a little different to the movie, more closely based on the books but still a wonderful experience.

So anyway, when I received an alert update from one of my many subscriptions (I think it was stating that MP was coming to Melbourne in July, I absolutely insisted that my mother must see it. Subsequently, K & J also signed on so off we all are to Melbourne.
Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheree ...

I love musicals as does my mother, and we have seen many including my alltime favourites, Phantom twice (Melbourne & Brisbane) and Wicked in Sydney. On Wicked, I am so looking foward to it coming to Brisbane so I take all my friends along to experience the magic!

I will be sure to post a review and pics following Saturday night's show.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Great Debate?

What are your thoughts on last night's so called 'Debate'?

Me? I'm going to have side with Laurie Oakes and the 60 minutes guy who last night summed it up as a press conference, not a debate.

It struck me as amazing how one channel 7 commentator (the CEO of a research company) offered up that it was possibly the best most articulate and informative debate Australia has ever seen whereas channel 9 commentators scoffed at the liberal use of 'debate' stating it was not an interactive and representational argument.

That said, I liked Tony Abbott's responses to most topics and felt that he outperformed Julia Gillard. I also saw the new ad last night for the Libs new 'Action Contract' - We will do the right thing. 1. End wasteful spending 2. Pay back Labor's debt 3. Stop Labor's new taxes 4. Stop the boats. Hopefully this is something that will reach out to the voters.

I read in The Australian 'Despite the gloss, Julia Gillard is just another phony' while the Courier Mail had 'Being the same but different just wont wash for long'.

Given there was a lot of election coverage around, I also enjoyed an editorial in one of the newspapers this weekend likening the PM candidates to Masterchef and cookbooks. Tony's book would be called 'Meat & Two Veg' while Julia's would be 'First, take a sharp knife'. Ha Ha Ha

Everyone who has read this blog knows I am a liberal supporter although a little unsure of Tony Abbott as leader however I read a great statement I could identify with, 'Supporting the liberal party is like supporting a team with a poor coach. You know they can do it, they have the stars on paper and they've got a history of success but maybe they would have a better chance if they were led by a different person". Felt this was very accurate in summing up my opinion.

Anyway, like all good troops, I will still offer Abbott my support as party leader and will be out there campaigning on election day for our local member Steve Ciobo because I believe in the party and am liking Abbott more and more.

Who will you be voting for and do you feel passionately enough about a party to offer your support by campaigning between now and election day?

Another perfect Sunday

Sunday is truly my favourite and my most hated day of the week!
I love it because it's always a day we spend catching up with friends and relaxing but I hate it because it is much too close to Monday.

Our Sunday started on a high note - we stayed at C & L's in Tweed so waking up meant seeing baby S first thing and a relaxing morning with friends complemented by our favourite lifestyle brekky (fresh crusty bread, poached eggs, tasty cheese, avocado, crispy bacon & tomatoes).

We spent most of the morning playing with baby S in the backyard before heading back up the Coast home.

Side note, I am so excited for the 12th August as C & L will move back up the Coast and right around the corner from us in Mermaid Waters. They owned in Broadbeach Waters and recently sold so have been staying down Tweed way with family. Its been more difficult than usual for us to catch up with them being such a distance away so it will be nice to have them within walking distance.

We got home and unfortunately had to get caught up on housework (you know, exciting stuff like washing, folding clothes, stripping beds, dishes, vacuuming and general tidy).

S then had a call from his friend (also named S) suggesting a late afternoon catchup at our house with him, his wife B and their little boy M along with another couple who are good friends.

We agreed that sounded like fun and considering the so far lovely day, headed down to the Broadwater to enjoy a beer by the waterfront at The Grand Hotel before picking up some fresh green prawns and squid from Charis Seafoods.

Charis is a Gold Coast institution for fresh seafood and fish and chips and we were not disappointed. The place was full of people and the variety was amazing. (the photo below is not accurate for the number of people there as this is an old pic)

Upon arriving home, poor S had to remove the heads and de-vein a kilo of prawns while I scored, cut and seasoned the squid. Once S was done, I tossed the prawns in some hot chilli sauce, olive oil, lemon juice & italian parsley.

Everyone arrived and we enjoyed a casual afternoon catching up over a drink. My bestie M even called in to see everyone and celebrate the news that one of the wives (N) is preganant again. So exciting as they already have a 1 year old who was a miracle and didnt think they would conceive again so we are all very thrilled for them - they are wonderful parents!

We cooked the seafood on the BBQ which was a huge hit (apparently restaurant quality which I found very complimentary as I have only just started eating seafood in the past 2 months and this was my first attempt at flavouring and cooking it).

S and I had the house back to ourselves around 7pm so we settled in with minestrone soup and sourdough toast to watch the Masterchef finale.

I tell you people, I really would have enjoyed one of those Guava Snow Eggs for my dessert!

I was sad for Callum as I really wanted him to win but happy for Adam, especially with his little speech about always getting second which made me sad.

Does anyone know how much a Snow Egg at Quay would cost? My boss and I think it would be pretty pricier given the time and detail that goes into one.

My foreshadowing of disarray was accurate

Well, another weekend over too quickly!

Now, honestly, the whole Friday post about my plans in disarray really did throw my Saturday into chaos and made for a very stressful morning and mid-day.

But to start from the beginning, I arrived home on Friday night to the most delicious aroma of beef stroganoff in the slow-cooker - yum! Side note, I would love to try the Masterchef beef strog on parsley fettucine I think it is.

S had picked up a bottle of red so we took time to sit out on our deck and enjoy watching the water while debriefing our day and week before dinner.

We had a very quiet night and enjoyed eating dinner while S watched the Titans vs Dragons (still cant believe they won in golden point) and I read HP & the GoF - its coded so those who aren't fans cant judge me ha ha.
Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for my BM dress appointment with my little sis, K. This appointment was almost a disaster! We arrived to find a very harrassed lady rather than the store proprietor. We explained who we were and she confirmed the usual lady was away but she had details of our 9am appointment confirmed. She then went to look for our dresses... looked everywhere but ... no dresses to be found. Eventually she deduced that the dresses must be with the other girl who was supposed to be there also but hadnt arrived yet. Our dresses eventually arrived at 9:30am and my sister almost had a heart attack. They are appeared different to the colours she had pictured and looked quite a sight as they weren't finished in any way (raw hems, no zips etc). They are custom made dresses so need to be pinned to each of us to ensure they fit perfectly.

Thankfully once they were pinned to us, my sister was looking much happier with the overall effect and colours (there are 4 BMs and 2 are wearing pale lilac & 2 are wearing a darker deeper lilac shade - think Khloe Kardashian). I must say, the colours complented each other beautifully and the seamstress working with us had exacting attention to detail.

From the fitting (which took almost an hour for just 2 of us), I raced to work and just made it by 10:30am to start my shift. Sadly I missed out on brekky :(

Work was quiet so I just answered phones and chatted with some of our sales team and it was 12:30pm before I knew it. But here is where things started to go wrong.

Young BM, M was supposed to be dropped to my house after her fitting to hang out with S till I got home so we could drop her back to Tweed. Instead, S wasnt home so she had to go to my sister's house to wait till I finished. Then on my way home from work, S calls and says his phone is about to go flat but he is at the carwash waiting to have the car detailed then his phone dies. I am fuming! I have plans to meet C down at Tweed at 1/1:30pm after I drop M off (M is C's little sister) but instead, I now have to wait for S to get home (and who knows when that will be) because he is going fishing with L before driving 15 mins out of the way to pick up M before we can go to Tweed.

S didnt get home till 2pm so I had almost an hour and a half to fume - I was not a happier camper!

Finally we were on our way to pick up M and meet C & L. They were ready to leave when we arrived and the boys dropped C and I off at the Coolangatta Hotel (apparently one of the worst and most dangerous in Australia). Personally I think this is a bit of an exageration then again I havent been there on a Saturday night late. It was actually pretty tame with lots of oldies and quite a few bogans so we selected bar seats looking out to the ocean and spent a relaxing 2 hours gossiping over a few drinks.

They boys picked us up around 5:30pm and we all headed home for a quiet night in where the boys played FIFA on the playstation until we convinced them to join us for a game of Taboo. C & I love this game and do very well as a team because we have such a long history and know each other so well. S & I are also very good at this game (we havent lost yet) because we seem to be very much on the same wavelength.

On a side note, did you know that Crust is on the Gold Coast now? I had heard about them on the Vogue forums and was disappointed to discover they were only in NSW. They recently opened at Coolangatta and Surfers Paradise so we had Crust for dinner! Yummy Philly Cheesesteak, Mexican & a White Prosciutto - all very delicious.

Sunday update to come.

Friday, July 23, 2010


My weekend plans are in disarray, what a disaster!

If there is one thing I hate, its my plans being disrupted by last minute things.

In this case, my (truly wonderful) boss has decided he needs somone to cover the front desk as our usual Saturday girl is on holidays. This had previously been discussed at length and it was decided covering the front desk for 2 Saturday mornings was not worthwhile as it has been very quiet of late. Today (that's right people, Friday mid morning), the boss decided it would be a good idea for one of the admin staff to come in for the morning. Now that's all well and good but of course, everyone has plans already ... including me!

Now, I am not going to be very popular with my sister if I am unable to make our first BM dress fitting plus she and I had planned a catchup breakfast following the fitting ay one of our favourite little cafes, Barchino (best brekky bruschetta ever).

I am also not going to be very popular with my boss if the front desk isn't covered either and I will feel bad that he is unhappy because he really is a very wonderful boss.

Oh the drama!

Our senior Sales Administrator has kindly offered to do a split shift with me of two hours each (she will do 8:30-10:30 and I do 10:30-12:30).

This is a compromise because sadly, I will miss brekky if I have to do this plus I have also offered to transport the junior BM tomorrow as she lives in Tweed and is licenseless therefore she will have to hang around Broadbeach for 2 hours while I work.

This also throws out my plans to go invitation browsing with S as by the time I finish work and drop junior BM home, the store will have closed (early 2pm finushes on a Saturday and no Sunday trade).

Its like a chain reaction really, one little alteration messes up everything! I really do hate last minute interuptions to my schedule.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Invitations

Of all the plans for mine & S’ wedding, the invitations seem to be my least exciting and most difficult task.

We have completed almost all tasks and arrangements to date including a draft seating plan, on the day checklist, makeup trial, hair consultation, DJ runsheet, MC runsheet, music selection list, florist, wedding dress, BM dresses, suits, wedding rings, bonbonniere, photographer, accommodation etc etc but I just cant get motivated to do anything about the invites.

Funny how you can be so excited about every minute trivial detail but its always one task that gets shelved until there is no more time left to shelve it.

When I first started planning, I was in love with the idea of letterpress invites and perhaps the moment I received my first quote is when my interest in invites waned. I think it was about $700+ for 60 invites and S understandably told me this was a no goer and move on. Personally I agreed as there is no way I was spending that much on what amounts to just paper at the end of the day.

I have made just one decision relating to the invites in that I will be making/assembling them myself (or at least my sis will be – she has just completed hers and is something of a pro).
I like the examples below but they don’t excite me the way that I feel they should.

I like the idea of pocket/envelope DL shaped cards in an embossed wrapper but am reluctant to use these as my sister has done something similar for hers.

I will probably end up going with a pocket/envelope square card in a neutral pinky gold or champagne if S agrees as I am considering cost and convenience plus something not cloned from my sister’s .

S and I are off to inspect a local invitation warehouse on Saturday so hopefully some firm decisions can be made with regards to our invites. (I will take photos and post them if I manage to get away with any).

Market Shopping

S & I have been eating the most delicious dinners over the past fortnight and I attribute that to my Saturday morning Farmers’ Market shopping.

Here is a sample of a few of this week’s meals:

Sun – BLTs on market Panini’s with organic vine tomatoes & rocket

Mon – homemade Napoli sauce over fresh maccheroni pasta (from the Italian man at the markets) with a side of homemade garlic bread fashioned from a Pane di Casa stick
Tues – homemade super thin Italian pepperoni pizza (again from the Italian man) cooked on the BBQ with a side of rocket, red capsicum & cherry toms plus garlic bread as above

Wed – chicken breast kievs with blanched brocolini and tea tree honey (from the bee man) roasted dutch carrots & kipflers sprinkled with dukkah

Fri – will be a slow cooked stroganoff with fresh linguini

I just cant NOT cook delicious food with such perfect produce at my fingertips.

Market shopping has inspired my previously dull and repetitive winter cooking (think slow cooked beef casseroles or chicken curries or roast every night) with fresh and tasty food that S and I cant get enough of!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Culling the Wardrobe

I get so excited at the thought of going through my clothes and culling to make more room for pretty new things but in reality, I am a borderline hoarder of clothes and just can’t face parting with something even if it has never been worn but was bought 3 years ago.
I have a lot of clothes. So many in fact that I had to shift S’ out of our bedroom as it just wasn’t possible to share the walk in robe and two tall boys with him but this in fact is just as much his fault as mine.
S owns more clothes (and shoes) than any guy I know so we are a much happier couple now that he has his own wall of storage separate to mine.
Unfortunately mine really does need a genuine cull – there are boxes under the bed, a walk in robe piled high from floor to ceiling and the tall boy drawers barely close.
I did well only a few months earlier and disposed of some 6 Kookai singlets (because I still have at least 30), a Cue skirt, a Bonds hoody, a bag of shoes and some other random items then followed this up just last week with 2 more Cue skirts, a cape, a Herringbone shirt and a Cue vest but there are just so many more items that should go, I just can’t bring myself to sell them for fear of remorse.
Tonight however I am going to take inspiration from the Vogue forums and get stuck in to decluttering. I will have S be my ruthless partner in crime for fear of failure if I attempt this mission alone. Wish me luck!

Sundays are for ...

Sleep ins, chilling with friends and sav blanc in the sunshine.
Lucky for me, I got to enjoy all of the above.

Sunday started with a lazy morning under the doona watching channel V itunes countdown before S and I dragged ourselves up to do some cleaning. S was motivated to vacuum and wash the floors so ‘our baby’ S wouldn’t have play on floors that were anything less than spotless ha ha.

While S was in cleaning mode, I went to the bakery for fresh bread so we could cook a yummy brunch before the arrival of C, L & baby S. Alas, we were too slow and they arrived before we managed to get cooking so bacon & eggs was shelved as its just too difficult while trying to supervise a very inquisitive 1 year old. Instead, we dropped C & L to their date and ventured to a local oval with baby S for some fun. There were many squeals of delight upon discovering pieces of bark, dried leaves, sticks and all other kinds of goodies. Progress was slow to the middle of the oval as every blade of grass was carefully examined.

Then it was time for baby S’ lunch (she’s happy little vegemite girl) and antibiotics (poor bubba has had a cold) before a play date with our friends B, S and little M. A park in Broadbeach was the ideal venue and the weather couldn’t have been better. Baby S wasn’t terribly interested in little M but had a brilliant time in the sand. She also wasn’t excited by the swings or slide but wanted to join everybody and anybody in the park who had a ball of some sort. It was time to venture home for baby S’ afternoon nap and we picked up my friend M and some sav blanc on the way.

Baby S crashed quickly and M and I spent the next hour and a half relaxing in the sunshine on our deck watching the fish jump in the canal. Before too long, baby S was awake and it was home time for M. Baby S and I had a great time playing and dancing to Ollie from Nick Jnr and the Black Eyed Peas till her parents arrived home with another friend of ours visiting from Melbourne.

A wonderful evening was spent with my best friends catching up on everyone’s week and then the weekend was over.

On a side note, I adore baby S but I don’t know how parents be parents every day! It is exhausting trying to entertain a 1 year old and stick to her schedule!

Weekends Go Too Quickly - Friday & Saturday

My weekend turned out almost exactly as planned and detailed in my TGIF post of last week.
S and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Don Angelos on Friday night with his parents (we shared ravioli al forno, gnocchi gorgonzola, a casa bella calzone & meatlovers pizza). I ate wayyyyy too much, drank my favourite red (Wirra Wirra Churchblock) and made it home feeling merry and full to the brim.

Saturday started early and I collected M at 7:30am to head to the Palm Beach Farmers Markets where I picked up gastronomic delights including provolone from the cheese man, apple juice fresh from the Stanthorpe orchards, homemade maccheroni pasta & a napoli sauce, tea tree honey, macadamia & lime fudge and an assortment of produce and antipasto items. M marvelled at the deliciousness of products for sale and is now a converted farmers markets shopper. We also bumped into C, baby S and C's sister N while there and enjoyed some live entertainment while sipping coffee in the sunshine.

After dropping M home, I, in the words of FF, actioned some housework chores. Isn't it crazy how washing just piles up while you aren't looking? I also swept our front courtyard of dead leaves and cleaned the bathrooms (always a drag).

S then arrived home from his morning of work and we decided to check out my brother N competing at the IRB state titles at Broadbeach (my surf club). For a clear sunny day, the wind was mighty cold but I persevered and spent the afternoon on the beach helping my little sister K team manage the crew (as he is not a surf lifesaver, S was bored very quickly and I allowed him to leave and meet 'the boys' at the pub).

Saturday afternoon I enjoyed several sav blancs overlooking the water on our back deck reading my guilty addiction (Harry Potter books) before meeting old friends for dinner at Shogun. Honestly, I love this place. The food was delicious, the surroundings authentic and the company was fabulous.
So fabulous in fact we decided to continue on after dinner to the Casino for a drink and flutter. This was entertaining as my friend H is about 6 1/2 months pregnant and looked quite odd wandering through the Casino to the roulette table. Sadly, no big wins were had on roulette although a $20 stake bought me at least an hour's entertainment so no complaints on that score.
We departed the Casino around 11pm and all agreed a catchup must happen again soon - S had never spent time with H's husband J but they quickly became BFFs and like good boys, left H and I to disseminate almost 12 months of gossip and news.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I have been absolutely exhausted this week and only thoughts of my weekend plans have gotten me through!
S & I have a busy itinerary ahead (much to S' frustrations) that starts soon after the bell goes at 5pm today.
We are dining with S' parents this evening at an old favourite of ours, Don Angelos. A wonderful little mediterranean/italian restaurant set out in the boondocks (I kid you not people, we are talking some 30 mins to get there). The food is more than worth the drive, at least I hope it still is. It was recently taken over and S' parents are not terribly impressed with the change. This is S & my first visit since the changeover and I am craving the Casa Bella calzone and the Ravioli Al Forno (please please please taste as good as you use to!).
My Saturday will start early with a visit to the Palm Beach Farmer's Markets where I will meet C & M to pick up some delicious homemade pastas, pasta sauces, pizzas, curry spices, fresh produce, fresh french bread and yummy gourmet antipasto items.
Saturday afternoon will likely be spent enjoying aforementioned antipasto items with a chilled sav blanc before dinner at Shogun Karaoke Restaurant - I haven't been here for yaesr so am excited to see the changes - where we are meeting an old friend of my H (almost 6 months pregnant), her husband J and their 3 year old daughter A. There will be much gossip and laughter shared over dinner as I haven't seen H since last October (and she only lives in Brisbane)!
Sunday I am praying for a decadent sleep in and brunch with S before C & L drop baby S over to us. They are having some 'alone' time while S & I get to babysit our favourite little person. Hopefully the weather stays gorgeous (currently crystal clear with a warm sun) so we can take her to the beach for a play in the sand - her new favourite thing.
What are your plans for this weekend? Hope you too can enjoy gorgeous weather and time with friends.
(no photos for this post sorry but I will take some over the weekend so you can see what I'm talking about)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 months and counting...

Till my wedding! OMG, I'm going to be a wife in less than 240 days!

I don't think I have considered this fact seriously until just last week when S asked me if I had been practising a new signature.

Now, we had always discussed and I had happily agreed to take his name for a few reasons including that a) I am traditional in this sense, b)I would prefer my children and I to have the same last name without hyphens, c) S is the last male of his family line and so the list goes on but honestly, the reality of the name change is hitting me hard as is the term 'wife' as we get closer to the big date.

A wife conjures all types of images in my overactive imagination and hits me with the sharp fact that I will officially be a grown-up with no escape - I will be bound by the responsibilities and expectations of an adult more so than ever before with our plan for 'mother' to follow not too long after 'wife'.

Since it was brought to my attention, the new signature is now also causing me enormous stress, it took me long enough to figure out and use the one of have now without making this harder and adding an extra 5 letters to the 4 I have including 6 that I have never even used in my name.

I calm myself from all these stresses by reminding myself how excited I am to share my future with S and of course, how much I am looking forward to our wedding day and honeymoon to Japan.

I am assuming of course that these concerns/stresses are perfectly normal and will fade before too long.

On a funny note, I am not the only one suffering wedding stresses. M at work is due to get married in September and is already having nightmares of not being able to find the shirt that matches his suit and showing up in the wrong thing. I thought only brides had the dream stress the thing but maybe grooms just dont talk about it.

ps. the pic below is of the marquee where we are having our wedding- its all lit up right on the edge of the lagoon.

Ok, I lied …

One last soccer post – it would be wrong not to offer my thoughts on the final considering I offered them at every other stage in the World Cup Series.

I am sad! So sad for the 'Oranje' and so sad for me cause my team lost and S' team won (and I hate losing).

It was quite a dull game all things considered with little opportunity for either team to score but it was also a decidely rough game with the most yellow cards handed out in a final.

I have moved on from my sadness though and am genuinely happy for Spain as it is their Nation's very first World Cup win (it would have been the Dutch's too had they won).

I am also a little stunned that Paul the German octopus finished with a 100% success rate on picking World Cup winners - honestly, am I the only one completely weirded out by a psychic octopus?

Moving on from winners and losers, I would like to share what I felt was the most entertaining part of the Cup... the divers.

You know, the players that take a dive to try and get the ref to penalise the other side.

Honestly, I watched a montage of dives on the SBS Santos and someone and someone show Sunday night and was laughing out loud at the audacity of some players.

Two that stick in my memory are the Cote'd Ivoire player who got kicked in the shin and went down dramatically clutching his face or Italy's de Rossi who was running alone down the field and suddenly dropped to the ground in agony despite no-one even being close enough to touch him let alone impede or injure him.

Made for some good viewing people!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bad Luck

I have the absolute worst luck with cameras - I'm cursed I tell you!

I had a wonderful little Canon that travelled around the US with me several years ago. It managed to survive the subzero temperatures of LA, San Fran, Vegas and even a few days in New York before succumbing to a drunk friend who assured me he could take better pics than me.

Sadly, the incident occured on New Years Eve at Planet Holloywood Times Square meaning many photos opportunities were denied that evening :(

Flash forward to Easter this year and a functional little Pentax was doing me quite nicely until a long weekend camping in Byron Bay led to drinks at the Beach Hotel on a Sunday afternoon.

Again, one of the rowdier boys in our group assured me he knew best and snatched the camera from me. I returned from the bar to discover my poor little camera had been dropped and was no longer operational (the lens would no longer pop out when switched on).

Many photo ops have been missed since Easter and I have been relying on my trusty iphone to snap the Kodak moments but lets face it, the quality just isn't there.

Anyways, the camera Gods have been listening and have answered my prayers.

Myer has a red Canon Ixus on sale for members for a low price of $179. Understandably I have packed S off to inspect and instructed him not to return without a camera!

Neck and Neck

For those of you following the World Cup, S and my bet on the winner has come down to the wire, we are neck and neck people!

The German Octopus correctly predicted this morning's result and Spain were victorious meaning that S' team and mine are now to play the final - this could get ugly people as S and I are highly competitive but never fear, I have recruited little sister K to strengthen the 'Oranje' cheer squad numbers.

In this tense time, I take great comfort from Fergy's words (Sir Alex Ferguson of Man U for those not up in soccer), he qas quoted saying the 'Oranje' will win the Cup and have not yet even played their best form.

For those not understanding the octopus reference, apparently there is a psychic octopus in Germany that has correctly predicted all German World Cup game outcomes and had an 80% success rate in the EuroCup matches. Bizarre I know!

For those of you not following the Cup (or highly bored by it), I promise almost all future posts will be entirely un-soccer related so hang tight.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winning So Far

Okay, so I thought I was the kiss of death to World Cup soccer teams - I cheered for Aus then we were out, I cheered for NZ then they were out, I cheered for England and they got out ... seeing a pattern here? S banned me after England lost from supporting a team, or at least any that he was cheering for.

My new team became the Netherlands or traditionally the 'Oranje' - how good are those guys! (statement not question)

They seem unstoppable despite my support and I really think they are going to take out the cup.

That's right people, you heard it here first, Netherlands are going to win the World Cup (and of course now that I have said that, either Spain or Germany are sure to take it out).

I will be staying up to watch the final for sure and am interested to see who will be the second finalist. S hopes Spain but I have a little soft spot for the young German team despite them being responsible for the Socceroos departure.

Gillard for PM - no vote from me!

Seriously, if our current political polls are to be believed then I am very frightened for our future.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia? The thought fills me with dread.

Okay, so I know she is already our PM but to win the next election is more my concern given the current status quo cant be altered at this time.

I have always been a vocal Liberal and John Howard supporter and when things looked shaky during the last election, I put my money where my mouth is and joined the Liberal party.

I became an active campaigner in the months proceeding and right up to election day, throwing my time and support behind Johnny and the team.

This was also around the time S and I met and I doubt he will ever forget a serious question I asked him on our first date. I also informed him that the wrong answer would result in no second date. Who was he voting for. He looked at me stunned then told me I couldn't be serious. I told him I was and wanted an honest answer. He told me he would be voting Howard.

After all that, turns out he couldn't and cant vote anyway. I didn't know then but he's not an Australian citizen but he didn't tell me this till after the election. Since his admission, he no longer gets to comment on or complain about Australian politics. That's right people, cause he's not Australian.

Anyway, back to the point. My local Liberal MP successfully won his seat last election and will once again be hard to beat this year but I'm hoping we can win a majority Australia vote, not just the local population.

While it is exciting to see a female Prime Minister, I just can't see our economy or nation flourishing under her hand. I distrust her and the people that put her in power because of the way she became PM.

I am well aware that we vote for parties not people however the Australian majority believes they vote for people not parties due to the way it is manipulated and I feel that those people have been betrayed for their trust in Labour.

I also feel it speaks a lot for Gillard's character that she went along with such a humiliating ousting of someone she proclaimed to support 100%. She had been quoted even recently that she had no desire to take over from Rudd and would definitely not move for a leadership coup. How are we supposed to trust her to run our country when she has went ahead with a coup?

I think the way Julia Gillard took leadership of our country shows her class or lack there of and although I am know Rudd fan, I am disappointed of how he was treated and feel he deserved more respect considering he was our nation's PM.

I am well aware there have been many leadership coups in the Liberal party but none to a leader whilst in office and none quite so humiliating. As usual, Labour never fails to disgust me.

If we want to get Australia back on track, I think our only choice ahead is Liberal.