Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Widow

Just last week, I was all excited about the World Cup kicking off because this time round, I actually know a little bit about football (see, I even call it by its real name). I may be exagerating with my knowledge but surely going to a World Cup qualifier (Aus vs Iraq) gives me some bragging rights?

Anyway, this World Cup surely has to be better for me than the last because S (my fiancee) is a dedicated football supporter (being born in England will apparently do that to you plus he was at the last World Cup in Germany) which means I have someone to answer my never ending questions thus making the game much more interesting for me.

Well, like any supportive partner, I watched the opening ceremony on Friday night followed by some of the opening game (South Africa & a team I cant think of right now) then onto England vs USA (very important to S) and of course our very own Socceroos vs Germany game at the ungodly hour of 4am. A 4am start is a huge effort by anyone's standards and snaps to S, he knew it would be a struggle so he prepared brekky before waking me (picked up McD's hotcakes & coffee). Like all good Aussies (apparently there weren't many at 4am), I dragged myself from bed, put my supporters' scarf & beanie on and settled in to watch history. Yep, history turned out to be Australia getting smashed and outclassed at every turn. Wasn't happy and when the score sat at 4 nil two thirds of the way into the game, I took my doona and headed back to bed. S merely stated he wasn't surprised and mentioned he was going to head to Rebel Sport on Monday to pick up a rule book for the Socceroos - apparently Tim Cahill needs to distinguish between what is and isn't allowed tacklewise and Lucas Neill needs clarification in rules relating to players offside.

Anyway, back to my point, last night I got home to find S on the lounge watching the SBS World Cup highlights, this was followed by some comedic relief by Santos & 2 other guys (cant think of their names) relating of course to the World Cup then onto the NZ vs Slovakia game which I watched 20 mins of and decided it was bed time. S explained that he would be watching the rest of this game then onto the Portugal vs Cote d'Ivoire game at midnight so I might as well head to bed.

Is this what the next 3 weeks is going to be like? Me off to bed every night alone after 4 hours on the lounge with S watching a game I can barely understand?

ps. My never ending questions are wearing thin but truely, I am interested to know who that player is and what club he plays for usually, if the ground is hard and how can you tell, if the game is at altitude (apparently Nz vs Slovakia wasn't as you could see the sea S pointed out), has that team played in or won a World Cup, how do I pronounce the striker's name and who does S think will be in the final (I ask him this question after every match but cant get a straight answer, he says Portugal is a darkhorse though so I am considering having a little flutter on this tip).

Wishing you a lovely day.

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