Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Seriously, who would have dreamed that wedding flowers could be so difficult?

Not me, that's for sure!

So I started out with my heart completely set on Peonies (is there a lovelier flower? not to me). I went on to find out very early that this was a pipe dream - my wedding is in March, Peonies are available for two weeks only around September and unfortunately S would not allow me to change our date.

Somehow I discovered David Austins as a viable replacement when it bcame clear I needed to change my sights (unsure but it could be from my stack of Bridal magazines - my BM's and I are keeping them in business).

My first florist again crushed my flower dream by explaining they were super expensive, only available from one place in the World, only a few suppliers who were choosy about who they sold to and the list goes on. After conditioning me, she then tells me she can give me DAs but the quote would be over $2,000 for 7 bouquets and 11 buttonholes. That's right, no centrepieces or church flowers, just bouquets and buttonholes!

S of course told me no way could I go ahead with this quote and then asked if we even had to have flowers for the wedding. Grrrrr.

7 quotes later (they suck me in by telling me they must meet with me in person to discuss my requirements then when I get there they tell me that they dont have a DA supplier and will I consider Virtue roses etc), I have discovered an amazing florist that I am excited to work with and can actually meet my requirements.

For $1,200, The Flower Garden in Ashmore will give me my DAs - yay! That means $800 saved for our honeymoon.

Anyone looking for a GC florist - I highly recommend The Flower Garden on Bundall Rd. Philippa is amazingly competent and detailed, she actually measured me to make sure I would have a suitable sized posy then went on to cut off samples of ribbons and pictures of similar posies to include with my file to ensure it was all exact.

Next on the list, wedding cake ... do we really need to have one?

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