Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Da Cheese At

Has anyone had a cheese cake? Not a cheesecake but a cheese cake made from wheels of cheese.

People look at me like I'm an alien when trying to explain this concept.

I am quite enamoured with the idea of my wedding cake made from wheels of cheese decorated by fresh figs etc that can be cut up and supplied as platters after the 'cake' cutting, especially as I dont like cake.

S is not impressed - although he loves cheese, he tells me this idea is much too weird and cant we have anything traditional in our wedding. Not sure where he was going with this train of thought as a 'cheese' cake would be our only non traditional element.

Anyway, its pretty well off the cards because although the inlaw's S & B love the idea (my parents, M & M aren't terribly impressed), I can't find anyone on the Gold Coast that can fulfill this request. Hours spent googling has yielded no results and emailing the only local cheese factory resulted in an 'I'm sorry but we dont do wedding cakes' (you could just tell the person who wrote the reply thought I was crazy for asking).

Oh well, back to the drawing board and my mother M now in my ear begging for a fruitcake layer which I will probably allow considering I wont eat any anyway. S doesn't want fruitcake but was smite by his own request for traditional!

Any recs for Gold Coast wedding cake designers?

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