Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teppanyaki & Tupperware

Sleep in Saturday with S was followed by a big cleanup then out for a teppanyaki lunch in Broadbeach at my favourite, Murasaki: can’t wait for our honeymoon in Japan next year. Glasses of Sapporo with vegetable tempura, teriyaki steak and hot'n spicy prawns made a delicious lunch before S dropped me off at M's for a Tupperware party - she had to host one as I secretly booked it for her because she flaked on my last one that I had been set up for ha ha (revenge is a dish best served cold people).

M is very disorganized in her personal life (she's a bank manager in her professional life amazingly - I will dedicate a future post to her quirks) and had nothing ready when I arrived. Luckily she lives in the heart of Broadbeach so we popped over to Woolworths to pick up the essentials: cheeses, salami, turkish bread and other deli goodies.

We arrived back at her unit to find our crazy Tupperware lady N (we have a lot of parties within our circles so she is just about one of the group we see her so often) already waiting for us – N is hilarious and has a heavy European accent so can be difficult to understand making for lots of laughs at words lost in translation.

Time for a quick drink (loving the new LadyLuck Cruiser range, especially Pommetini) before everyone arrived. Party passed quickly with games played, timtam cake made and consumed and containers purchased - I picked up the microwave jug and a sifter. I know, can you believe I didn't already have a sifter?

FYI, I should make a declaration here that I am a Tupperware addict (as is my sister, it all stems from our mother) and these two items were the only Tupperware I didn't have from the catalogue. Scary I know, S has banned me from future parties.

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