Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Proud to Be Aussie

S picked me up so I could get changed before we headed to the Prince Albert at Jupiters for the BIG GAME with M and her boy D.

On arrival, we secured one of the venue's best tables right in front of the big screen and we now had over 3 hours to guard it. The boys left us to table-mind while they popped into the casino for a flutter – considerate aren’t they?

Over an hour later, we were forced to send out SOS's for their return as we were being inundated by drunk males demanding seats. One out of four that returned was not impressed and sulked as boys tend to do.

Many thrifty daiquiris were consumed prior to the game (just $5 each – great value) and as good little supporters, we even sipped green and gold. M drank mango ones and I drank some sort of green concoction.

We were a little overwhelmed by the crowd and noise when the game began – the venue was so packed they closed down entry and the noise was sitting at a dull roar.

I actually got goosebumps when the national anthem was sung – our whole venue chorused it – and then it was on.

Now, I am not Kewell’s biggest fan and feel Verbeek let us down by not starting him in game one but honestly, having him on the field really makes a difference.

The game was one of the most exciting I have watched and when we scored in the first 12 or so minutes, wow, I think my eardrum popped from the screams.

Sadly, our initial lead went downhill and we lost Kewell after 20 minutes on a red card followed by several yellow cards to other key players and a goal by Ghana.

We just couldn’t seem to get back ahead and ended up drawing the game 1 all.

Now I may be a sore loser or just biased to our team but I honestly feel like we were robbed by the referee in this game.

That said, I am immensely proud to be an Aussie after watching the game and am so impressed by the team – they managed to hold off Ghana, one man down for more than three quarters of the game.

I am just so sad that for all their efforts in this game, it is pretty unlikely we will make it past round 1 – although S tells me that mathematically, it’s still possible.

Disappointingly, we went for food after the game (a little cafeteria in the Casino called Bite) and witnessed a young man throw his Socceroos scarf on the ground and tell his friends what a bad team they were – stronger language was used but not polite to repeat. This upset S to no end and he decided to have words with the young man. Point to S, by the time he was through, the young man had picked up his scarf and was a little more subdued.

In the meantime, hopefully the referee will give us a fair go in our final match against Serbia and that our boys will hang in there for a win.

Aussie Aussie Aussie – well done Socceroos.

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