Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oroton Addiction

I decided to spoil myself yesterday (for a change) and traded in my Spencer & Rutherford travel wallet for a new Oroton purse.

My S & R travel wallet was purchased and used for a US trip some 2-3 years ago and I just never got around to changing everything back to a normal purse when I returned. Plus, the size was pretty convenient for all my accumulated junk.

Anyway, it finally become a bit too heavy and a bit too annoying in terms of trying to find cards and what so I decided to bite the bullet and get a new Oroton purse to match my new Oroton bag (got to love sales, taupe Ethereal tote down to $190 from $545).

I popped over to Oroton on my lunch break, couldnt decide between 4 different purses and after much umming, ahhhing and wandering around the shop, I decided on a gloss finshed textured biscuit colour that will match everything rather than the shiny red one or the pinky jam coloured one.

Of course I couldn't just leave with one item and as it was a rainy day and the umbrella stand was located so conveniently beside the register, it was only natural to buy the matching umbrella.

Had to hide the Oroton bag from S when I got home though, he was already complaining when I bought the new bag last week as he bought me a pink Oroton tote for Christmas (good for weekends I told him) then I picked up a cream hobo (not practical for everyday use) in the Christmas sales - oops, no more popping into Oroton for a while!

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