Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Bored

So what else to do but inundate this blog - obviously its still very much a novelty and I expect I will run out of things to say soon enough.
In the meantime, who will you be cheering for in tonight's State of Origin match?
Me, I'm a loyal Blues supporter (unfortunately) but will continue to be so despite many a fellow Blues supporter jumping ship, especially those that live in Queensland.
People, its called STATE OF ORIGIN!
Personally, I was born in NSW and moved to Qld when I was 5. That gives me 5 years as a New South Welshman and 23 years as a Queenslander but I remain true to the cockroaches due to the event's name.
My family have no such loyalty, well some of them anyway. All but my littlest brother were born in NSW so he is the only Cane Toad legitimately but that doesn't stop my father and sister from being traitors. I have my mother and other brother to back me up but its wearing thin when you've been on a losing streak for 5 years!
We are off to my parents' house tonight for their usual SoO party (any where up to 30 people can be in attendance) where it will be very loud and much wine will be drunk plus I will have to put up with the 'Sorry, what's the score R, I can't see it from here' when they know darn well its 10 nil to Qld. My sister is the worst offender for this.
Thinking of boycotting the NRL and giving my full allegiance to real football but this could lead to excommunication from my family as they are all crazy NRL fans cause apparently it runs in the family (dad, uncles, grandpa all played in the pros). I have explained to my sis, K, that my son will definitely be playing real football over NRL cause lets face it, there's more money and less brain damage to be had. This met with utter horror and a warning that her future frontrower son will probably beat mine up for being a pansy and playing a girl's game.
Thoughts on ditching the NRL for soccer?

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