Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Work with Monkeys

Grrrr... It's one of those days!

I love my job but today I really dont like it or some of the people I work with very much.

Note to salesperson, D: 'you didn't know' is not an adequate excuse for signing a contract up incorrectly. It's your job dummy so if you cant do it properly then maybe its time to look for a new one.

Note to all salespeople: please do not choose payday to discuss or dispute the billing of your incurred expenses you have around 29 days in a month to attend to this, organise yourselves people!

Sometimes I think working with monkeys would be easier ... overseeing some 30 people (at least half of which are young females) is like running a preschool and highschool simultaneously.

Real estate is crazy at the best of times (too many egos) but worse in the slow periods when there is time for in-fighting, backstabbing and stealing each others clients.

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