Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Quit: out with the old, in with the new

It was a night for upsets all over!

Can you believe the Blues lost? Yep, I can too. No surprise there.
Although I must say, entertainment wise, I quite enjoyed the game and at the risk of sounding Occa, that was quite the biff (Aussie word for fight).
The biff still wasn't enough to coax any further loyalty from me though and I announced to my family after Qld won their 5th series that I will no longer support the game of NRL and instead will replace it with Football (soccer for the Aussies reading) in my affections.
Thankfully I escaped excommunication although my younger brother wasn't in attendance last night so its still on the cards.

So moving on from my old game and onto my new, Spain lost last night and that really was an upset!
I think S is still in shock as Spain is now in the same position as Australia in their group.
Bizarre as they are widely tipped to win the Cup or at least make the final.
I think darkhorse Portugal are looking better and better if the upsets keep coming.

On a side note, have there ever been so many drawn games in round one of a World Cup series?
I would ask S but my questions are getting to him I think. It seems to me like three quarters of the games so far have been drawn.

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