Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love Friday Nights

Friday night, S & I hosted what seems to have become a popular monthly event in our parts. We had my besties M & C over along with S' bestie L (also C's husband), their daughter baby S and my little brother J and his girlfriend B for a pizza party - confused yet?

C kindly provided a Pinot Noir Chardonnay and our favourite Stoneleigh Sav Blanc to sip while catching up over the week's happenings including B's current tale of recovery from Bacterial Meningitis (long story for another post).

Once baby S had been put to bed and after getting caught up, we put on our aprons (figuratively speaking) and made pizzas - this involved all 7 of us in the kitchen passing around bowls of topping, assigning job titles and giving orders, lots of laughs to be had.

The boys, S J & L have to make their own pizzas as they compete to make the hottest spiciest
pizzas known to man and challenge each to survive the consumption. M C B & I stick to prosciutto, boccacini, cherry toms & fresh basil.

Our Friday night ended with much wine and laughter at 12:30am after M and I truly could not finish another Sav Blanc (and realized we had a late night ahead of us Saturday for the soccer).

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