Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Presents & Toys R Us

Today was a day for presents ... for Baby S & me!

It is Baby S' birthday tomorrow so I planned to meet my S at Toys R Us in my lunch break so we could choose the perfect gift for her and to my pleasant surprise, C & L & Baby S were with my S, also shopping for birthday presents. It made shopping very easy as we got to see Baby S interact with the toys and watch what attracted or excited her. She was in Heaven surrounded by so many toys and S took her to sit on the rocking horse and play with a plush gorilla that was 3 times her size.

In the end, S & I bought her a Fisher & Price Bird Bath that is interactive with music, counting, sounds, colours and shapes along with a very favourite Tickle Me Elmo doll. She loved the Elmo and wanted to have it straight away. Side note, her absolute alltime favourite character though is Ollie from Nickelodeon. Does anyone know where you can buy Ollie merchandise - I have searched high and low.

S & I are excited to give Baby S her birthday presents tomorrow when we visit her after work for birthday cake.

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