Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Hugs from Baby S

Getting home at 3am on Sunday morning meant we didn’t rise until 10:30am, right in time for the arrival of C, L and baby S. Baby S couldn’t be cuter and was all dressed up to attend her very first birthday party with pigtails and wearing her ‘my first stars’ (pink Converse bought for her by Uncle Dot Dot – my S).

Now, is there anything more special than baby hugs? I think not.
Baby S has just started walking and on her arrival, came running down our hallway squealing with delight to throw her arms around my neck and burrow in for a cuddle.

I could talk about baby S and her adorable personality for days on end, this child is pretty much the cutest little girl you will ever see with masses of silky dark hair, a huge animated smile and the most loving and cheeky personality I have ever witnessed. Not even one yet, she is already walking (& running), recognizing her 123 ABC’s, responding to sentences and chattering nonstop.

Lucky for S & I, C & L decided to stay for dinner so we got to spend almost a whole day playing with her – best Sunday.

Its baby S’ first birthday this week so C & L and S & I are taking baby S to Seaworld for the day … S & I can’t wait!

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