Friday, June 18, 2010

At Least its Friday

Today is shaping up to be about on par with yesterday and even worse, it's raining.

The salespeople are steering clear (word got around that D copped it yesterday and none are game to front the firing line today) but of course, that just leaves the path open for another drama.

The office is flooded!

Yep, N (fellow worker) buzzed my office to advise there was water coming through the wall from next door's lounge bar.

This in itself is not surprising - it's about the third time in 12 months but hey who is counting - but the reason for it is... they left the postmix machine on overnight and it malfunctioned hence our swimming pool. This is actually a fairly sensible cause, the last flood came as a result of a dopey bartender leaving the tap in the kitchen running from 2am till 9am when we arrived for work - that was a bad one!

My morning spent tracking down staff for the lounge bar to come fix things was followed by arranging industrial blow dryers to come fix our carpets (hopefully they will find time to attend this afternoon) now on to tracking down an auditor who is available in the next 7 days - I know, impossible task considering the EOFY is upon us.

Wish me luck.

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