Monday, September 2, 2013

I bid you farewell ... but dont worry, you can now find me at

I haven't liked the name and address of this blog for a long time as it seems completely irrelevant to me and my focus now days... I was a little narrow minded obviously when I first started it.

I've decided to move addresses and you can now find me at

I hope to see you there!

What a weekend

Life is impossibly perfect right now ... Particularly after a long weekend with my little guy and the glorious end to Winter that Mother Nature turned on for us.

We were busy but not crazily so, leaving lots of time for backyard water play, playground visits with granddad, a morning tea meet with a cousin, lots of mummy cuddles, cruising' the neighbourhood, riding merry-go-rounds, baking fresh bread rolls (love my Kitchenaid), drawing on Father's Day cards, wrapping presents and celebrating a very special "dada" and two pretty fantastic Granddad's too.

We are in the middle of a Wonder Week right now so don't get me wrong, there were plenty of irrational full blown tantrums and similar but even they couldn't cloud the sunniness of my charming little boy... When he is 'on', he is really really 'on'!

It wasn't all about the boy though, S and I enjoyed a movie night complete with popcorn and the new release, Now You See Me. It was a fantastic movie and I loved the illusionist concept. It was fast paced and required a bit of concentration as it jumped around but it was definitely the kind I love to watch. S meantime is still not sure if he liked it and thinks he will watch it again. He's usually the family movie buff but he found this one a little hard to follow, particularly with one scene that flashed a few times. I would definitely recommend this one though as some thing different to every other movie out there.

S had to work on Sunday sadly but we managed to squeeze in an early breakfast with his parents and then hosted my dad and siblings for a BBQ dinner... Where I presented S' delicious new specialty salad - haloumi, pomegranate and fennel. It was a big hit and of course I forgot to take a picture! It was a bit sad not to have S around all day on Father's Day but he and the boy are hanging out all today and we will make up for it soon with a family day at one of the local theme parks.

I managed to get some household things done too including framing and arranging some photos of Ethan and his cousins, sorting through the 'stored' items in the spare room, adding a few decorators touches around the place and getting rid of S' clutter everywhere (does anyone else's husband leave odds and ends on the bench, shelves, tv cabinet, dining table ...? Drives me mad). I was also happy to finally had some of my favourite photos of Ethan and of our little family printed to fill some empty frames.

Pottering about over the weekend, I identified the need for a few home pieces to fill some gaps including a chair of some sort in our bedroom ... something low and well cushioned without arms, a caddy for our dining table to hold, an entrance stand ... something high and slim with a little storage,  a mirror to go above the entrance stand and also a full length mirror for our walk in robe. Any suggestions?

Lastly, I have to share this photo of my littlest niece - her first ponytail. Isn't she the cutest!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Creative Gifting for Father's Day

A lovely and clever friend inspired me to start a photo tradition for Scott so I thought, why not for the Granddads' too? I love that it is a theme we can follow through every year and include any future munchkin in. This is what Scott's frame looked like while the Granddads' frames had the first pic of E holding a G and a D for G'DAD.

It turned out well enough given how difficult my little subject was. He alternated between tossing the letters - one smashed on my toes and made me think I'd broken something - and having to be enticed to come inspect it if I placed it upright on the ground, taking joy in knocking it over as per the middle picture. 

I am hoping this will be the hardest age to get the shots as I expect next year I can just explain to him what I am doing and hopefully more cooperation will be forthcoming. I'm not the best photographer as evidenced here and this project really brought home how much better an SLR camera would be (fast shutter speed) but I'm pretty happy with how the pictures capture this age and the seriousness of him right now more than anything.

We have added this to our shorts, book and Hot Dad pack so Scott has done pretty well for Father's Day I think. Now just to figure out what we are going to do on the day ... S is working for some of it so we might end up with breakfast out and then my dad for dinner.

What did you get dad for Father's Day?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Organisation and baby's wardrobe

I was really excited to receive a suggested blogging topic this week via my twitter inbox ... I love to write and blog but sometimes thinking up what to talk about stumps me. If you have any suggestions or questions, please send them through!!

This may be a boring post to some but it might just help other mums out there... wardrobe organisation and keeping on top of it given babies need a new wardrobe every 2-3 months (or more) in those early years.

First things first, if you are drowning in clothes (like we do thanks to shopaholic mumma and grammy), separate everything into size and then type of garment - so all your 0000, 000, 00, 0 etc separated by size sorted into neat piles of onesies, shirts and shorts etc.

I must add, I'm paranoid about furniture in E's room after reading a horror story in an Australia newspaper about a 2 year old and a chest of drawers so given E has a built in robe in his room,  I prefer plastic drawers hidden in the cupboard and big heavy hard to move shelving unit for toys and books etc.

The plastic drawers aren't particularly pretty but are hidden away nicely and labelled to help my husband find things and actually dress our boy in a public appropriate outfit. Given we are between seasons and using both Winter and Summer wardrobes (Winter in 0/1 and Summer in 1), our labels are something like this:

  • Hats, socks
  • Singlets, undersuits, bodysuits
  • Daycare clothes - this includes a range of shorts, tees and l/sleeve tees that are all labelled & can be worn for DC and messy play 
  • Leggings, tracksuit pants sz0
  • Tracksuit sets sz0
  • Pants, Jeans sz0
  • Shorts sz1/12-18m
  • Boardshorts, rashsuits/vests
  • Winter pjs & onesies sz0
  • Summer pjs sz1
I hang all of E's tees, shirts, vests, coats, sets and short sleeved play onesies so we can see them therefore we use them. I have them divided into type, sleeve length and colour - very OCD of me I know. I found if they were in a drawer, Scott would just use whatever was on top and E was growing out of clothes before wearing them as anything at the back or bottom was never used.

For me, I have found the best and easiest way to shop a  wardrobe for E is to buy in bulk seasonally from one place during sales time for the following year and add a few extra pieces along the way. Its easy to put together a capsule wardrobe this way as most places concentrate on a colour palette so everything ends up mixing and matching. For example, this Summer, a lot of Ethan's basic wardrobe is from Pumpkin Patch. I bought about 14 pieces this time last year including tees, shorts, overalls and shirts in a range of blues with orange, lime and or yellow so almost all are interchangeable as sets. This saves me when I'm out shopping and think 'oh, I'll just get that shirt' only to come home and find E already has 5 shirts for Summer. This way I know I have the basics and just add to it as I see something I love - like the Sooki pieces when a sale comes up.

I keep all the next season's items I buy in a plastic box in E's wardrobe and in the last month of the season when the weather typically changes here, during Ethan's nap I pull it out, arrange it and cull the existing wardrobe as necessary. This August, I found almost all E's size 0 l/s tees were too short over his little belly so removed all but a few of the bigger ones while all his pants and leggings are still great length and width wise so remain in a drawer labelled accordingly.

I usually pull my favourite pieces out of the culled pile (a Nike onesie or Sooki set) and if its still in good condition, I pop it in a box I'm saving for baby #2 in case its a boy. All the rest that hasn't been worn and washed to death goes to my mum for sorting and storing - she keeps it all for my sis and I so we don't need to re-buy absolutely everything next time around.

I've been pretty lucky size wise as E has been spot on in sync with seasons and sizing, at 0000 when born in June then 000 for Winter/early Spring, 00 for Summer and 0 for this Winter into 1s for Summer. Therefore I have been able to time his wardrobe refreshes/replacements with the seasons.

I find keeping up E's wardrobe is constant job and I usually spend 10 mins in there every weekend rotating outfits or re-ordering things while E has a play in his room.

As I mentioned, I'm a little OCD with E (and my) wardrobe so I hope this might offer some helpful tips to others.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I was filling Scott in on the Christmas shopping I've done so far for our nieces and he has asked for my wishlist given my birthday is coming up fast and Christmas is not far behind it. He likes to be organised too he tells me.

Inspired by a blogging trend at the moment, here is my Wishlist: Want Need Read and Wear...







Its a pretty ambitious list as I got a bit carried away on Polyvore ha ha ... and to be realistic, my sister will get me the beauty stuff from the US when she is there in October, the books will be stocking stuffers from family at Christmas, the house items won't be needed until we buy our home (hopefully the right one comes up before Christmas), the car is due to happen anytime now and the clothes I will probably buy in coming weeks.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monthly update: 14 months

Age: 14 Months

Stats: we actually had him weighed last week and he has dropped slightly to 11kgs in weight (only a 320g drop) which I would say comes from how active he is now and I can tell he's a little taller as his size 0 tops are too short to cover his belly now.

Clothes: my baby is in size 1 and/or 12-18 month clothes. I just sorted his wardrobe out AGAIN as the weather is warming up so much here and removed all the size 0s and added his new Summer wardrobe to the mix.

Favorite Foods: the biggest hits are still cheese and blueberries but other favourites include homemade cheese & vegemite twists, nah nah nah nahs (bananas), grapes and yoghurt ... he especially goes crazy for the squeezy packs.

Favorite Words: Gah gah gah gah ... rising in volume with each gah = ta/please/give me. Bye-bye is said to everyone when he is ready to leave somewhere, walking out of a room to his toys or wants someone to leave ... cheeky boy. Dadadadada is also the other big one here this month... it took him forever to say it and then rarely used so Scott is lapping up it all this month. Lots of sounds happening too - growling at lion/tiger toys, car/motorbike sounds, meowing for cats and barking/woof woof for dogs. Imitation and mimicking too has started so S has been put on notice to watch his language and choice of words.

Favorite Activities: diving onto soft things whether it be a pile of pillows, a doona, the lounge cushions or washing I'm sorting - he throws himself at it and looks up giggling and grinning. Swings at the park are also a big hit and he grins like crazy, throwing his head back. Dancing and music are still number one though and we now say 'dance' and he starts moving about the place or does the actions to Dr Knickbocker and Galumph Went the Little Green Frog - my mum takes him to Rhyme Time on Wednesdays and he is in heaven.

Least Favorite Activities: having the remotes/phone etc taken off him and mummy not picking him up RIGHT NOW. These both lead to all out tantrums including throwing himself on the floor or running off to hide in his tent.

His Favorite Things: his Fisher Price drum set - he sits and plays for ages with it, Fisher Price red wagon & peek a blocks, books still - anything with lift up flaps and trucks/vehicles, puzzles although he has no idea where the pieces go he tries to fit them of just likes tipping them up, CAT shape sorter truck - he loves dumping the toys out of the tray, jumbo talking Elmo - he cuddles it when it says 'You're Elmo's best friend'.

My Favorite Things: Boon feeding pieces - catcha bowl & plate, fluid bottle and utensils. Quackers strawberry crackers and sultanas - perfect snacks for on the go and E loves them. Love to Dream Inventa sleeping bag - perfect weight for night temps here and adjustable vents mean it will still work leading into warmer weather. Skip Hop whale kneeler - I thought this was a silly overdoing it product but picked it up on sale for $5 and its the best $5 spent in a while as it saves mine & S' knees on a nightly basis for bath time. Playschool music CDs -  E loves any and all music and I love remembering all the old ones my mum sung to me and singing them to him.

Signature Moves: Royal waving - seriously, he has the wrist action down pat and is very regal. His run - it involves a waddle and a hand waving all at once.

Mom's Proudest Moment:  taking him to the park to play, he tripped and looked fine then opened his mouth to scream and out came the pour of blood - he put his teeth through his lip. I was more upset than him in the end.

Dad's Proudest Moment: Scott was getting E ready for bed and E reached up & leaned in to give him a kiss at the same time Scott whipped his head around ... big headbutt followed by screams and tears. Scott felt awful

Other Milestones: walking down the stairs like a big boy - no more backwards for him, figuring out going forwards on his ride on truck, walking backwards - this is super cute as he does it with his red wagon that plays music and he walks backwards and forwards to the music. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

I've done it again ... completed my Christmas shopping for E and the nieces already - and its only August! I'm on a roll from last year I guess and its so nice to have it out of the way which leaves only my parents, Scott and his parents to buy for - talk about easy!

E is getting so far ... I say so far as Scott is a notorious Christmas shopper and keeps going right up till Christmas eve:

The table and chair set is practical as he will be at about the age to sit at his own little table for drawing and eating come Christmas while the Little People set he has is a hit now and I think will be more so at 18 months. The Fridge Phonics set is a great learning toy that goes on the fridge and helps with alphabet and letter sounds - unfortunately Leap Frog have discontinued the set but I picked this one up new in the box on eBay. Scott is obsessed with being able to 'shoot hoops' with E as he gets bigger so tells me the Little Tikes hoop is a necessity. E loves music and instruments so the B. Parum drum/instrument set is going to be a big hit with him I know for sure. The books are all Mem Fox because let's face it, she has some wonderful stories with great sentiment that we can read over and over. The only left to add is some fun pieces for his stocking as far as I'm concerned - what are some good options on this for an 18 month old? I am liking the idea of a children's electric toothbrush... thoughts?

Gifts for the nieces - I won't tell you who is getting what to keep some mystery in case anyone stumbles across this:

These are the main gifts for the girls but no doubt I will come across a few odds and ends between now and Christmas to add to the lot... things like DVDs, books and stocking stuffers.